Coffeehouse Playlist DSD #1 (2014)


David Elias

Many fine things in life started and evolved from a coffeehouse. Some of the music from coffeehouses of the 60's remains in the air and through the ether today. I was influenced both then and now by many of those stark to warm images being generated at that time. I soon enough found myself playing coffeehouse on acoustic at university in the mid-70's in the midwest. Then before I knew it the world had already changed several times and it was the mid-90's and I was thinking about again playing coffeehouse, this time in the SF Bay Area with many original songs I had written on acoustic. Coffeehouse and acoustic had already come and gone in popular music but I still felt the influence and had in fact continued to live in its comfy waves through those rock-pop-disco-metal-grunge decades. 
So coming back to the coffeehouse in the 90's was easy for me and I started approaching local coffeehouses with the idea of live music, usually on a weekend morning. I was soon playing at different places on the Hwy 1 coast and other spots in and around San Francisco.

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David Elias

David’s original work and contributions as a pioneer in the unsigned artist’s world of self-produced CD’s put him in front of the folk community nationally and worldwide at an early Internet age (1995). He achieved numerous and frequent #1 charting on various large musical web communities such as, Besonic, SoundClick, Mixposure, and (currently #1 artist for most plays) as well as others.

Not restricting his exposure to online outlets (breaking ground with CD Baby in 1998 and eventually Amazon, iTunes and 50+ others) David also attracted the discriminate audiophile community as an innovator in hi-def 5.1 surround sound recordings (SACD’s “The Window”, 2003 and “Crossing”, 2005). This met with industry recognition for excellence, including the Brutus award from Positive Feedback Online for both SACD’s.

David’s songwriting achieved early recognition from the likes of Billboard magazine (honorable mention folk award in 1998) and hundreds of reviews and comments online from fans, musicians and industry professionals. He has been compared to many great songwriters ranging from Jim Croce to Nick Drake to Tom Petty to Dan Hicks to Arlo Guthrie to Bruce Cockburn, Paul Simon, Dylan, Neil Young, among numerous others. His productions continue to be recognized for their outstanding articulation and impact, both lyrically, musically and sonically. He has indeed been referred to as both musician’s musician and a songwriter’s songwriter.

It is somewhat challenging to try to characterize the scope and impact of David’s work either chronologically or in a complete fashion. Working as an independent artist for 15 years, he has been part of the dawn of many new discoveries in music and DIY approaches to sustaining art. Performing in the vicinity of 1000 shows, give or take, since 1994 and teaming up with dozens of different casts of characters from the deep roots of the Irish and Scottish to the quietude or rants of Americana and folk to the eclectic, bluegrass, rock and pop realms of those such as Jane Siberry (Issa), Sally Van Meter, and Roger Powell, David has spun many homegrown musical tales for the environment, local education and businesses, benefits galore, art shows, fairs and festivals, warehouses and lofts, beach parties, pubs and eateries, music halls and local cafes not to mention his own 8 released recordings and endless other collaborations. Perhaps it is summarized best as one fan online wrote: “…music for the heart and soul”.

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SSP07042014D64: Coffeehouse Playlist DSD #1
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The Old King
00:05:04   N/A
Half An Hour Away
00:05:27   N/A
Rodeo On The Ridge
00:03:47   N/A
Mend My Mind
00:04:01   N/A
Close My Eyes
00:03:30   N/A
Morning Light, Western Town
00:06:00   N/A
Vision Of Her
00:05:00   N/A
Poor Polly
00:08:28   N/A
Aspen Rose
00:02:57   N/A

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